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Contest PRIZE -RudeRoo by NightAngel-16
Commission For SoloCrimson by NightAngel-16
Request For Bunny-San by NightAngel-16
Commission For KaiTehFox - Blu by NightAngel-16
Contest Prize by NightAngel-16
Contest Prize by NightAngel-16
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Digital Avatars

I draw males

I do not draw animals or anthro or sexual pics or NSFW!!

I don't draw shirtless or "sexy" either :3

Just because you ask does not mean I'll take it!!
(Unlikely that I won't though)
Cheap Commissions (10 - 200 points)
Sebastian Michaelis Black Butler II by NightAngel-16
Levi Ackerman Chibi by NightAngel-16
Avatar NEW LOOK by NightAngel-16
Runa by NightAngel-16
The Official Look Of Hela Sanso by NightAngel-16
Markiplier The BANDIT by NightAngel-16
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Do not draw males (Unlesss he's an Anime character)or animals or anthro or sexual pics or NSFW!!

I don't draw shirtless or "sexy" either :3

Just because you ask does not mean I'll take it!!
(Unlikely that I won't though)

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Stuff That People Made For meee

Stuff That People Made For meee

halo-infinity by cyaf Mystery by Nightmare-Song24 Princess. Vergil x Reader
     Waking from a deep, forced nap, your eyes wandered around the large, empty room. The walls were made of a strong, grey stone and the floors were little more than dirt, covered with a thin layer of hay. Even in your half awake state, you knew what had happened. “Dang it. Not again. Just once it would be nice if I could avoid getting kidnapped.” The scene laid out before you, was unfortunately a very familiar one. Any time you went out to do any sort of snooping or spying, you found yourself in this sort of situation. It happened so often, you weren't really sure how you'd managed to live this long. As they always were, your hands were bound, your feet shackled. By this point, however, you had learned how to wiggle your way out of most binds. These were no exceptions. Within five minutes, you had your feet, and your hands free.
“Well, that was easy enough. I might actually be able to make it out of here in one piece.” Since there were no doors
Cg13 by killerprod1 Commission for NightAngel-16 by OtakuGirl720 Levi x Shy!Reader - Force
I rush around to clean the rest of the room I was working on I messed up in training and was made to clean every room that anyone set foot in.
I sigh as I finish, I sit down and smile, I was finally done hopefully it was good enough for captain Levi, the door swings open and well think of the devil its captain Levi, I jump to my feet shaking both out of fear and that I was shy, even more so around Captain Levi. He walks up to me shockingly I was shorter then him.
"(Y/n) I need to see you later". He simply says emotionless and then walks away leaving me standing there.
I knock on Captain Levi's door waiting for him to answer. "Come in". I hear him say from the other side of the wooden door, I turn the handle and push the door open before setting foot inside, I close the door behind me, I see Levi siting at his desk, his shirt was unbuttoned a bit making a crimson blush dust my cheeks.
I look at the oak floor boards. "Why are you staring at the floor?". He asks and I jump. "W-why d
(REQUEST) PHOTOSHOP WAS AN ASS SO- by DeathoraComm_Heather Williams by Hono-Atomi (Commission) [Chris Redfield X Reader] (1/2)
It wasn't easy being a BSAA agent, what with having to face B.O.W.s almost all the time when normal people would cringe and run away at the mere sight of them. Then again who wouldn’t be scared of mutated beings whose only purpose is to cause death and destruction wherever and to whomever they are unleashed upon.  Heck, your parents even threw a fit when you told them that you would be joining the BSAA, which wasn’t even really part of the government, at first, because when you said that you were going to work for the government, they expected a simple desk job where you’d file papers all day and be stuck at a cubicle taking coffee breaks and flirting with male co-workers from time to time.
Imagine the shock on their faces when you told them about how you’d joined that organization, they at first told you again and again to reconsider and find another, more safer job than this, but you were adamant about staying and they conceded to your wishes soon enough.

Heather (request art from NightAngel-16) by RebellionAngelA Gift for HALO-Infinity by RebellionAngel Request art for HALO-Infinity by RebellionAngelChristmas gift for Angie-chan! by AndrogynousGirl
Ghost Hunt Alternate Universe Part 4A collaboration between my self and :iconHalo-Infinity:
Episode 1: Evil Spirits All Over?! Part 1
Everyone had followed Naru and Sia back to where they set up base. Naru walked over to the observation screens, quietly placing both his hands on the desk as he observed the screens carefully. Sia stood behind him, scribbling down small details into her black notebook. The others filed into the room shortly after them, filling up the door space.
Ayako moved her weight onto one hip, placing her hands on her hips she sighed. "So we have an exorcist, an apostate monk and two ghost hunters. Obviously this boneheaded principal, doesn't have much faith in my unique cleansing abilities," she grumbled. "Hm, just watch. I'll cleanse this entire place my self," she stated as she left the room, her heels clicking on the floor.
Houshou shrugged, "I'm gonna do a walkthrough, cya later." He raised his hand waved as he walked out of the room, heading in the opposite direction from A
C'mon Uro let's rebuild Umbrella by iRahafHaters gonna hate by iRahaf
Commission: [AU] Levi x Reader: School Daze (1/3)
Shingeki University. The one school that all young graduates of Trost High attended once they obtained their diploma from their previously graduated school. It wasn’t very often that a young student didn’t attend this university once they graduated, but sometimes, it just happened.
Today was the first day that you began your very first semester at the school as a freshman, and you had to admit, you were extremely nervous. You had always been one of the shy girls; the kind that never spoke unless spoken to, and even then, it was hard to get a direct word out of you before you awkwardly walked away.
You carried your psychology book and your sketchbook in your hands that were pressed firmly and protectively against your chest, and your light pink backpack was slung over your right shoulder. Your (color) hair fluttered about gently in the slight breeze, and your (color) eyes darted around anxiously. You were attempting to get to class as quickly as p
Commission: [AU] Levi x Reader: School Daze (2/3)
Over the course of the next four semesters, you and Levi had grown much, much closer than you were at the beginning of the year. Your shyness had almost entirely faded away with him, but he had once mentioned to you that he enjoyed it, and that brought it back a bit.
You were now enjoying your winter break, and happily lying in bed with a cup of warm hot chocolate to your right. Thankfully, your roommate, Sasha Braus, wasn’t trying to drink it like she normally did. She was across the room, happily chomping away on a salami sandwich she had made for herself.
You yawned and stretched yourself out, and then heard Sasha ask you a very mumbled question. You cocked your eyebrow, and gave her a questioning look.
“What was that, Sasha?”
She sighed and tilted her head back as she swallowed what remained in her mouth, and then ran the back of her hand across her lips.
“I asked you when you were gonna admit your feelings to ol’ Ackerman! I mean seriously, everyone a
Hela Sanso by BGShepard
Sierra And Heather by NightAngel-16Sierra Williams Commission by BGShepard



Journal Entry: Tue Jan 20, 2015, 5:38 PM

Hosting a contest called Draw My OC(s)!


1st Place: 
600 :points: and a cartoon avatar from NightAngel-16
Free Droplets and a non-animated pixel from PearOfDiscord
A Watch from ClaireRedfieldChika
A llama from REDimensions
A llama from MaryHadALittleLamb12
A feature from PlagueRat24601

2nd place: 
125 :points: from NightAngel-16
Free picture from Windpage
Cartoon avatar from NightAngel-16
A llama from REDimensions
A llama from MaryHadALittleLamb12
Colored Sketch from LunaSteinberg

3rd Place: 
50 :points: from NightAngel-16
Cartoon avatar from NightAngel-16
A drawing from Bdellian
A llama from MaryHadALittleLamb12

(x5) Honorable Mentions
5 :points: 

(Anyone who wants to contribute may note me)

My OC's
(Sry, I borrowed a couple pics people made for me, hope it's okay with the artists who made them :))

Runa by NightAngel-16

Siana "Sia" Koizumi

Siana Koizumi (The Foxes Wings) by NightAngel-16Siana 'Sia' Koizumi by NightAngel-16Sia And Levi - I Dare You by NightAngel-16Sia Koizumi (Face) by NightAngel-16

Hela Sanso
The Official Look Of Hela Sanso Colored by NightAngel-16Dimensions: The Game World- Devil May Cry Cover by NightAngel-16Hela Sanso Line Art New Look by NightAngel-16Dante And Hela Colored by NightAngel-16

Heather Williams
Dimensions Promise Cover by NightAngel-16Heather Linearts Colored by NightAngel-16The Official Look Of Heather Williams002 by NightAngel-16Heather (request art from NightAngel-16) by RebellionAngelComm_Heather Williams by Hono-Atomi

Sierra Williams
Sierra Williams Commission by BGShepardSierra (Colored) by NightAngel-16Sierra Williams Face 4 by NightAngel-16BSAA Member Sierra Williams by NightAngel-16Sierra (Alone without you) by NightAngel-16

Sierra and Heather (Not Pairing)
halo-infinity by cyafSierra and Heather Commission by BGShepardRecolor- PaintSAI Before and After by NightAngel-16

Katie Redraw by NightAngel-16Katie (Army) (Pen) by NightAngel-16Katie (Dress) (Pencil Color) by NightAngel-16Katie (Pose) by NightAngel-16Katie by AHKArt

Claire Chika (Pose) Remake by NightAngel-16Clare Redraw009 by NightAngel-16

-All entries must contain at least one of my Ocs
-You have unlimited entries, but only one will win!
-You can draw my OC with one of your OCs if you want
-Backgrounds are not needed but appreciated, even a simple one.
-Must be new!
-You can make a journal advertising the contest, I would like to get as many entries as possible.
-Once you're done with your entry, remember to link me with a note or comment to this journal or on my profile
What is Allowed?-
-Full body, Thigh up, Headshot, etc
- Digital and Traditional art

What is not allowed?
- Bases
- Tracing
- Explicit pornography (visible genitals)- Gore
- Copy other users entries - Using pre-made backgrounds

Contest deadline is March 28th 2015 (MAH BIRTHDAY)
See the countdown here!…

1. :iconkillerprod1: 
 Contest Entry

2. :iconlinnea1212: 

3. :icondeathora:
 (CONTEST ENTRY) the hands were evil

4. :iconahkart:

5. :iconshiironeko:

6. :iconblueanddark:

7. :iconvaradrake:
Sia and Selene

8. :iconjanetr2014:~~~

9. :iconkirkykate: ~~~

10. :iconsaviichi: ~~~

11. :iconaquinnxx: ~~~

12. :iconkaitehfox: ~~~

Hela Sanso



16. :iconbriannaisawsome1:
Contest Entery


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To-Do list

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